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Aaru list of hardware and software needed:

This is a list of hardware, software, and general information needed to expand and better support various unique hardware and software configurations for Aaru. We accept donation of this hardware, or loans: paying for shipping is greatly appreciated, but can make other arrangements depending on cost. For media, we do accept loans, but please be aware that due to it’s age, there is no guarantee it will still be working after it is returned and thus donations are preferred.


This is a list of drives. The reason we need these drives is because it is the only way to add enhanced support for them (e.g. media detection, ECC support, raw dumping, etc.). Also some drives depart from the specifications and need special workarounds. If a drive is listed here, but the media it uses is not listed below, we already have media for it. Drives are preferred in ATA/ATAPI, SCSI, USB or FireWire buses. Parallel port drives require a larger amount of work, and there is no guarantee it can work, at all, with other drives. If in doubt, please contact us.


This is the media for the drives listed above, or media for drives we do have, but lack and thus cannot test the actual hardware.


This is a list of software whose physical media has some characteristics that needs to be investigated to allow correct dumping of such characteristics. Usually those are copy protections.